Left Ellen, right Martin

Domburg Train Support

Also called DTS, a service company founded in 2015 by Martin Domburg. Before that he was active as an installation engineer and motorbike driver on national and international circuits. When he put a stop to his motorsport career he picked up his old hobby again. A fast learning curve in the then for him unknown world of digital control brought in 2015 a service that could guide other like-minded people with installation and use of the hybrid Dinamo control system, the use of iTrain and largely digital conversion of model railway models. In 2019 Martin quit his active job as a Measurement and Control Technician and the step was taken to further develop the concept of DTS as an entrepreneur. In 2020, Ellen joined the company with her enterprise "The little caterer". Together they now run the company reinforced by a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

We want to be a total supplier who can guide the model railway hobbyist from design to scenery, and everything in between."

How it all started

In 2010, the financial crisis put an end to Martin's active motorcycling life, and in his search for a new way to spend his free time, he quickly made the link to his old childhood favourite: model railways. As an installation engineer by profession, the step to the digital computer-controlled aspect of this hobby was quickly made. The learning curve was steep due to the lack of the necessary information and support so it was decided to do something about this. In 2015 the company Domburg Train Support was founded.

The pantry where it all began

Workshops at the back table

Workstation in the garage

A simple workplace was set up in the scullery of the then home in Harderwijk. Where the testing of technology, and mainly the digitalisation of n-track models was carried out. Soon workshops were given at the back table, and Martin started to give information at exhibitions with a mobile conversion service. Here DTS was assisted by a fixed club of friends and volunteers who are still active for DTS.

In the winter of 2016, this space had already become too small again, and the garage was converted into a workshop. Here the large model railway Stadt Schellenbach was already being built, but now also a growing business. In the meantime, the webshop made its entrance, and Martin started to become known for producing specials and giving advice to starting model railroaders.

In 2017, the workshop with its 12 m2 was also already too small and was moved to the current premises on the Telgterweg in Ermelo, where the workshop of the motor racing team used to be located. Here a new workshop was set up with an area of 32 m2 and the Stadt Schellenbach model railway was also moved to Ermelo. Later in 2019 the whole family moved to Ermelo.

From that moment on, DTS gained momentum, it became busier and busier. So it wasn't long before Martin quit his job as a Measurement and Control Technician in 2019, to work full time with DTS. With a workshop, conversion service, webshop, workshops, trade fairs and the installation service, the company was on the rise. Until the Covid pandemic in March 2020. Suddenly, there were no more trade fairs, no more workshops and the installation service came to a standstill.

Instead of giving up, Martin saw opportunities when it became clear that interest in model railways was growing. In 2020, things changed completely. There was said goodbye to workshops, and a new concept was devised called Hobby Days. In May 2020, the idea of opening a physical shop was born. For this, Ellen quit her job as a group leader to start the adventure together with Martin. As we are used to from Martin and Ellen, if there is an idea..... In September of that year, a model railway shop opened at Fokko Kortlanglaan 2a in Ermelo since decades, and DTS became a partnership! A dream come true for Martin and Ellen.

In addition to the shop, another dream came true for Ellen: her own catering company. As a sideline to DTS, "de kleine Cateraar" (the little caterer) was set up, in which Ellen delivers snacks and high tea arrangements.

The workshop in Ermelo

Domburg Train Support is in good shape by mid 2021. With a physical shop dedicated to N gauge and digital technology, good cooperation with colleagues and a loyal group of dedicated volunteers. But also with its own line of digital products developed in collaboration with Vincent Bogers. A well-stocked webshop with more than 15,000 products, an installation service and leading service.

Domburg Train Support is YOUR partner in your model railway hobby!