Domburg Train Support is especially known for its conversion service, you can say that DTS has become big with it. I have specialised in N-scale with which I and others of the team have shown that really every model can be digitalised. Whether it is a KöF or a large steam locomotive, a decoder or even sound is more often possible than you think. By now, the service is no longer just focused on N gauge, but I have expanded the conversion work to include Z, N, TT and H0 scales. Even an excursion to Spoor 1 has occurred. Not only at a fixed location but also at the fairs we can digitize your locomotive. At all regular fairs we have our equipment with us to digitize a locomotive. The stand is also equipped with a test facility for analogue and digital in the scales Z, N, TT and H0. We can also test your decoder for proper functioning, or simply read out your decoder.

With regard to the conversion work, we are always in favour of doing it well or not doing it at all. This means that if your locomotive is not new, it will soon be eligible for an overhaul in which I also replace the carbon brushes if necessary. We also polish the conductive parts and the collector so that everything is made digitally in new condition.


Step 1
Fill in the application form below and send it to us digitally. Once we have received the form, we will enter it into our system and you will receive confirmation by e-mail.

Step 2
We will notify you when we are ready to start working on your order. You make sure that the order is sent to us, or you drop it off in our shop.

Step 3
Once the order is ready, we will send you the invoice. After receiving the payment, you can either pick up your order in the shop or have it sent to you.

When you send or drop off the order, please use this address:
DTS Model Railways
Fokko Kortlanglaan 2a
3853 KG Ermelo

Payment can be made by bank transfer, iDeal, cash, Pin or PayPal. For the first order, the work will only be sent after receipt of the payment. It is also possible to pick up the order and pay on the spot by cash or Pin.

We use fixed prices so that you will not be surprised by additional labour costs. As soon as the work turns out to be more expensive than stated in advance due to unforeseen circumstances, we will inform you of this at all times.

Please read this first:
Because quality is of paramount importance to us, we take the time necessary to deliver a good product for each job. We realise that you are handing over a valuable asset and are looking forward to the result with confidence. This attitude has proven itself and partly because of this we are very busy with conversion orders.

Our conversion service is also an extra service we offer in addition to our regular work.

Please bear in mind that there is a somewhat longer processing time, depending on how busy it is and the season. Our aim is to deliver rebuilds within 6 months.


The DTS conversion packages have a fixed price for labour for normal conversion projects. If desired, we can give you a quote in advance after inspecting the order. For Custom orders, we use an hourly rate.

Digital conversion Easy
Prepared locomotives with a NEM, PLUX, NEXT or MTC shaft.
Costs € 25,-

Digital conversion Easy+
Prepared locomotives where the decoder needs to be soldered.
Cost € 35,-

Digital conversion Basic
Non-prepared locomotives that need to be converted to digital operation.
Cost € 45.

Digital conversion Extended
Locomotives or railcars with a function decoder in addition to a locomotive decoder.
Cost € 60,-

Digital conversion Custom
When you have specific wishes like led's, functions, sound, smoke, couplers or other custom wishes. We work on the basis of an hourly rate fixed at € 45.
Costs from € 45,-

Additional work:
Overhaul and maintenance € 30,- (in combination with rebuilding € 20,-)
Metal milling € 7,50

Important to know:

Prices are exclusive of decoder.
Carbon brushes and other replacement parts are not included in the price.
Prices are inclusive 21% VAT.
You get a 2-year warranty on the decoder and the conversion work.
The guarantee is invalidated in the event of faulty maintenance.

Registration form conversion service

Register your conversion and/or maintenance work here. After registration, we will confirm your request with a work order number within 14 days. As soon as your order is almost ready, you will receive a request from us to submit your order.
Please note: The average waiting time for a call is 3 months!