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Domburg Train Support Digitizing service

Domburg Train Support is best known for its conversion service, you can say that it has made DTS big. I have specialized in the N scale with which I and others from the team have shown that every model can be digitized. Whether it is a KöF or a large steam locomotive, a decoder or even sound is more often possible than you think. In the meantime, the service is no longer focused solely on track N, but I have extended the conversion work to the Z, N, TT and H0 scales. Even a trip to Platform 1 has already happened. We can digitize your locomotive not only at a fixed location but also at trade fairs. At all regular trade fairs we have our stuff with me to digitize a locomotive. The stand is also equipped with an analog and digital test facility in the Z, N, TT and H0 scales. We can also test your decoder for proper functioning, or simply read it out.

With regard to the conversion work, we are always in favor of doing good, otherwise not doing. That means that if your locomotive is not new, it soon qualifies for an overhaul where I also replace the carbon brushes if needed. I polish the conductive parts and the collector so that everything is digitally made in new condition.

How it works

Als u ombouw- of reparatiewerken aanbied dient u deze aan te melden via het onlineregistration form at the bottom. The form is created as an assignment in our back office.

You can then give this order or send it to us. Your order will be entered into our system and as soon as the order has been completed you will receive a message from us.

You can deliver at one of the fairs or in the workplace (by appointment only)
Domburg Train Support
Telgterweg 275a
NL 3853 NJ Ermelo

When you send the assignment you use this address:
Domburg Train Support
Bulderweg 1
NL 3853 PA Ermelo

Payment can be made via bank transfer, iDeal, cash, Pin or PayPal. With the first order, the work is only sent after receipt of payment. It is also possible to collect the order and pay on site via cash or pin.

We use fixed prices so that you are not surprised by additional labor costs. As soon as the work turns out to be more expensive due to unforeseen circumstances than stated in advance, we will inform you of this in advance at all times.

Because we put quality first, we take the time it takes to deliver a good product for each assignment. We realize that you are delivering a valuable asset and look forward to the result with good confidence. This institution has now proven itself and partly because of this it is very busy with conversion assignments. Please note that there is a somewhat longer processing time, depending on the crowds and the season.

The prices

The conversion packages from DTS have a fixed price for labor. If desired, we can send you a quotation in advance after inspection of the order

Digital conversion Easy
Prepared locomotives with a NEM, PLUX, NEXT or MTC shaft.
Costs € 25

Digital conversion Easy +
Prepared locomotives where the decoder must be soldered.
Costs € 35

Digital conversion Basic
Unprepared locs that need to be adjusted for digitization.
Costs € 45

Digital conversion Extended
Locs or train sets with a function decoder in addition to a locomotive decoder.
Costs € 60

Digital conversion Full
Locs with sound or extra functions
Costs € 90

Digital conversion Special
The Full package for trains with power and interior lighting and Locs with sound and extra functions.
Costs € 150

Extra work:
Overhaul and maintenance € 30 (in combination with conversion € 20)
Milling metal € 7.50
Built-in motor € 75 (in connection with a conversion package € 45)

Important to know:

Prices do not include a decoder.
Prices do not include carbon brushes and other replacement parts.
Prices include 21% VAT.
You get a 2 year warranty on the decoder and the conversion work.
In the event of overdue maintenance, the warranty expires.

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