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Domburg Train Support: Digital advice

In addition to conversion, DTS also has an important activity, and that is advising. Especially novice digital drivers often need a shining light in the dark jungle of automation. There is a huge range of digital systems and in many cases people lose track of reading through forums, visiting trade fairs and advice from club members. I and the team try to give clear and thorough tailor-made advice to this large group of beginners. Because we are not dependent on the sale of certain products and the range is wide, we can listen well to the wishes and respond to them. In this way we try to separate our advice from disruptive factors and to concentrate on giving the user a good gut feeling about the choice he or she wants to make.

If the customer has a good feeling about a certain system, I can deliver that system and in the case of Dinamo there is even a Plug & Play service where you get the system delivered at home and delivered while working. You will also receive a free workshop of your choice!

In addition to advice and delivery, we can also install the system at your home. In consultation, we place the equipment and it will be adjusted to the software that you want to use.
An hourly rate and kilometer allowance are charged for this. The amount of this prize depends on who of the team will help you.

If you have then chosen a system and purchased it, it will not stop. At DTS we know the importance of after sales and support. This means that we will only let you go if the system works satisfactorily. So you get first line support via the Portal, whatsapp, team viewer, telephone or at home if needed.

So you can expect us to be there for you!
Domburg Train Support supplies all digital products from the following brands:

  • iTRAIN
  • ESU
  • ZIMO
  • PIKO

Moreover, I am a Beta tester and representative of iTrain software. I may grant licenses of this software to my customers on behalf of Berros.

In addition to the systems and software, I can also provide you with the hardware. Think of a computer, screen and accessories. But also boards such as the Raspberry Pi are included in the range.