DTS can provide you with a challenging track plan! When all creativity is missing and you don't know how to realise your dream layout, we come to the rescue. You can come to us to design your dream layout. But we go a step further, we can also help you build your dream layout. Think of this:

- Designing, building and finishing the structure.
- Laying and building the rail infrastructure.
- Installation of all electronics and wiring.
- Supply of the operating software and associated hardware
- Delivery of the model railway in good working order.

We try to give you the feeling that the whole thing is your model railway. By involving you intensively in the design, construction and realisation of your dream model railway. We try to relieve you as much as possible in the whole process.
About costs and materials we like transparency, clarity and good consultation, so you will never be faced with unexpected costs or a budget that is too high.

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