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Manuals and Tutorials

DTS Producten

DTS Manual KeerPlus3 v2.pdf
Manual DTS KeerPlus3, Reverse Loop Solution
Connection scheme KeerPlus3.jpg
Connection scheme of the KeerPlus3 with Detection
DTS Manual ASB v2.pdf
Manual Analoque Servo Controll
DTS Manual VVP v2.pdf
Manual Lighting Supply Print VVP
DTS Manual LocBuffer v3.pdf
Manual loco buffering with LocBuffer
DTS Beginners Manual Sprog v3.pdf
Beginners manual Sprog and Decoderpro3 from JMRI
DTS Manual HPP4 v2.pdf
Manual relay board HPP4

Dinamo Tutorials

DTS Tutorial TM44 addressing.pdf
How to adress the Dinamo block module TM44
DTS Tutorial Dinamo RS485 network.pdf
How to apply the data- and clock bus network
DTS Tutorial Relay controlled blocks.pdf
Explaination of how to devide multiple tracks over one block
DTS Tutorial Switching turnout groups.pdf
Explaination of how to supply complex switchgroups with relays

OC32 Tutorials

DTS Tutorial Installing servo control with OC32.pdf
How to install servo controll with the OC32 and the SP04R
DTS Tutorial Adjusting servo control on OC32.pdf
How to adjust servo's using the OC32
Uitleg DN8 EN.txtHow to install the Day and night simulation with OC32 (EN)
Uitleg DN8 DE.txtHow to install teh Day and night simulation with the OC32 (DE)
DTS DN8 Simulation with lightning and worklight.defDefenition file for controlling Day and Night Simulation (DN8)
Servo + Suspend.defDefinition file for controlling a servo with suspend function
Servo+Relay+Suspend.defDefinition file for controlling a servo with relay and suspend function

iTrain Tutorials

DTS Tutorial Calibrating and precise adjustment of locs in iTrain v1.2.pdf
How to calibrate and apply precise adjustments to controll a loco in iTrain
DTS Manual iTrain Remote.pdf
Manual for using the DTS iTrain Remote solution